Night Of The Creeps (1986)


Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps is one of the most 80’s movies ever. In the best way possible. It jams in about 5 different genres of movie, its hilarious, it has tons of practical gore effects, the soundtrack is brilliant and it stars the iconic Tom Atkins.

A horror-comedy-scifi-college-noir film, Night of the Creeps plays with genre conventions while remaining a genuinely exciting action horror. Fred Dekker’s script absolutely jam packed with jokes and cool kills.

Alien Slugs that can reanimate the dead are unleashed on a college campus after 27 years in cryogenic stasis, following a botched fraternity initiation. Chris Romero (Jason Lively) and JC (Steve Marshall) accidentally unleash a zombie plague when trying to become frat members to impress the beautiful Cynthia Cronenberg. Detective Cameron (Tom Atkins) has to step up, shake off his demons and save the day. And yes, all the characters are named after horror directors.

The film is absolutely all over the place, but for some reason it just really works. I think a lot of its success is the cast, Tom Atkins is genuinely incredible, a hard boiled Detective, seeking revenge and catharsis while toting his twelve guage shotgun. Chris and JC have great comic chemistry and Cynthia isn’t just a damsel in distress, playing a big role in the climactic scene.

The new Eureka blu ray is the first time the film has been available to buy here in the UK since its VHS release which is crazy, a cult classic that has been denied to its cult audience!

Full of fantastic practical gore and great comedy, Night of the Creeps is up there as one of the unsung classics. I do hope it finds a new audience who love it just as much as I do

For Fans Of:

The Monster Squad

The Predator


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