Halloween (2018)

Set 40 years after the John Carpenter original and ignoring all sequels, Danny McBride and David Gordon Green deliver what some deem to be the definitive return for Michael Myers. Others I’m sure will disagree.

Look, I’ll lay it down up front, for me, it’s not as good as the first one. It’s better than pretty much all the sequels. However, it’s definitely not perfect. That’s OK though, it’s still tons of fun and gory as hell.

Halloween 2018 falls into the same trap as Jurassic World and The Force Awakens, a years later sequel that’s basically a remake. Franchise elements are remixed and homaged, while Jamie Lee Curtis’ iconic final girl Laurie has become Sarah Connor in T2. The movie adds some deep, heartbreaking back story for Laurie and we really do feel her redemption and her validation for her paranoia.

Laurie’s Daughter played by the always brilliant Judy Greer holds a grudge against her mum after being taken away by social services as a 12 year old. Laurie’s granddaughter however (Andi Matichak) clearly wants a better relationship and strives to reunite the family. The family dynamic is real and authentic, especially the Dad, Ray, played by Toby Huss who almost steals the movie. Toby Huss, by the way, is underrated AF and is always an absolute joy in everything he’s in.

Myers escapes after a bus crash and returns to Haddonfield, almost repeating his return 40 years earlier, but this time adding similar kills to movies that now didn’t happen. I dig the remixed style, but I feel like a lot of long term fans will think it’s a weird choice.

Series creator and legendary director John Carpenter returns to the franchise with this movie, providing the score along with his son Cody and Daniel A Davies. The music truly is astoundingly good, on a par with Carpenter’s best work and in tune with his new sound from his current Lost Themes work. A little bit more guitar heavy and deeply atmospheric.

I do recommend Halloween. It’s a worthy sequel, made by people who clearly love the franchise and wanted to see it done right. It skews a little too close to Terminator 2 and maybe references the original film a little too much, but overall its a blast. Scary, funny, exciting and satisfying.

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