Cell (2016)

Thirty-one days of Horror.

For the whole month of October I’ll be watching and reviewing one horror film each day!

Cell is a direct to video movie based on Stephen King novel. Perhaps overly ambitious for it’s budget, its a kind of zombie movie, with the premise that a cell phone signal turns us into zombies.

Directed by Tod Williams, starring John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman, I wanted to like Cell more than I did. Low budget, violent and slightly cheesey, it could have been so much more. Unfortunately, Cell is pretty badly edited and the direction isn’t great. It echoes 70’s Romero but it just doesn’t quite pull it off.

It doesn’t help of course, that John Cusack sort of looks like he regrets being in the movie. Jackson, of course, is incredible as usual.

I don’t hate Cell, it’s worth watching at least once, but it’s just a massive missed opportunity. They could have really cranked up the crazy and the violence. Eli Roth was attached to direct for years, I’d have loved to have seen his version.

The dodgy CGI, ropey acting and unintentionally hilarious ending aside, Cell is pretty entertaining, I was just left wanting something more.

For Fans Of:

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Dawn of the Dead 2004

I Am Legend

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