Halloween (1978)

Thirty-one days of Horror.

For the whole month of October I’ll be watching and reviewing one horror film each day

With the brand new sequel on the horizon, the original John Carpenter classic has been re-issued on blu ray and re-released in cinemas. I couldn’t miss the chance of seeing one of my favourite films ever on the big screen.

What is there to say about Halloween? John Carpenter redefined the slasher movie. It’s tight, packed with tension and had an absolutely terrifying villain. Michael Myers, known in the script as The Shape, is a faceless, blank slate killing machine. Michael can’t be reasoned with and has no conscience. Pure and unstoppable.

The opening scene, shot from the killer’s POV as he stalks and kills a young girl remains as shocking as ever. The reveal that Michael was a young child really stunned me as a kid and is still so effective. It sets the tone for what comes next.

Carpenter’s direction is masterful, constantly keeping us looking in the backgrounds for Myers, making us fear what’s coming just as much as Laurie Strode does. The music coming and going to announce Michael’s arrival or to scare us for no reason at all. Carpenter’s score is another character, truly adding another dimension to the film.

One thing I noticed this time round was Michael’s breathing was very prominent, his presence feeling more palpable and real. Like he was closer to us. Halloween on the big screen was an incredible experience.

A genre defining classic that influenced every slasher film that followed, Halloween is basically the perfect slasher, I can’t wait for the new sequel now!

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