Prom Night (2008)

31 Days of Horror

For the whole month of October I’ll be watching and reviewing one horror film each day!

Full disclosure, I haven’t watched the orignal Prom Night since the 90’s so I won’t be comparing the two films in this review!

The 2008 remake of the 1980 slasher is a largely bloodless, glossy affair. Starring some impossibly beautiful 20somethings playing high school kids. It all just feels about 10 years too late. If it had landed during the post Scream slasher boom, added a few gallons of gore, it would have probably been much better received.

It’s not a particular terrible film, it just feels like a really violent made-for-TV Disney channel film. The plot is paint by numbers, a teacher gets obsessed with a student, kills her family and tries to kill her. He’s jailed but escapes three years later, showing up, in disguise, on prom night for revenge. It sort of feels like a Scooby Doo episode in a way, but we know who the killer is from the beginning. It borrows liberally from John Carpenter’s Halloween and many other classic slashers, but if you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.

It feels weird watching this movie again ten years later, now Idris Elba is a bona-fide superstar and Jonathan Schaech is playing Jonah Hex on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. At the time, Idris was on The Wire and appearing mainly in Horror movies like this, The Unborn and 28 Weeks Later.

Schaech plays the killer, Fenton and Elba the cop assigned to the case. Our heroine, our final girl Donna is played by Brittany Snow, now best known for the Pitch Perfect movies. The whole cast is pretty good to be honest, with pop up appearances from The Blair Witch Project’s Josh Leonard and Agents of SHIELD’s Ming-Na Wen.

Prom Night is worth a watch. It’s maybe not worth a purchase, but here’s a handy Amazon link if you do fancy owning it! It’ll help support the site and the podcast so feel free to make a purchase!

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