The Bye Bye Man (2016)

Thirty-one days of Horror.

For the whole month of October I’ll be watching and reviewing one horror film each day!

Look. I know. It got terrible reviews. It looks terrible. For some reason I felt I NEEDED to see it. Stacy Title’s The Bye Bye Man seemed like some so-bad-it’s-good horror trash.

I feel a little embarrassed to say this , but I quite enjoyed this movie.

The Bye Bye Man feels small, as a film, it’s badly edited and the characters aren’t fully fleshed out, but for some reason it held my attention and had some cool moments.

It’s basically Sinister, The Ring and It mashed together. If you say his name or think of him, he gets power over you. The film is a slowly unravelling mystery about what he is or why he causes people to kill for him. It’s never fully explained. “Don’t think it, don’t say it” is repeated throughout the film, as characters struggle to deal with the hallucinations The Bye Bye Man makes them endure.

The cast is great but the acting of the leads isn’t very good. Carrie Anne Moss pops up as a Detective who doesn’t really do much. It’s like there’s a good movie in here but they just couldn’t quite dig it out.

The title character himself looks pretty awesome and is played by the fantastic Doug Jones, but never really gets to do anything of note. He could have been a true horror icon in better hands.

I feel like they expected a franchise from The Bye Bye Man and held back some story for the sequel that will probably never happen.

I also feel like I’ve trashed this movie but I did actually quite like it. I wouldn’t say rush to see it but if you do get a chance, give it a look. It’s kind of terrible, but very watchable.

For Fans Of:


Nightmare on Elm Street


The Ring

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