Evil Dead (2013)

Thirty-one days of Horror.

For the whole month of October I’ll be watching and reviewing one horror film each day!

Fede Alvarez’s 2013 remake of the 80’s classic Evil Dead seemed completely fucking pointless. I didn’t want a new Evil Dead. I certainly didn’t want Evil Dead without Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Well, it turns out I didn’t know what I wanted. Evil Dead 2013 isn’t a remake, but a kind of sequel. It’s brutal, violent and scary as hell and just the kind of movie you want as an Evil Dead fan.

The teens at a cabin in the woods premise remains, only this time they’re staging an intervention for their drug addict friend Mia. There’s a cool little detail about the characters names too.






Hmmm. Wonder what their initials spell out?

The film takes the Evil Dead tropes we know and love and puts it’s own spin on them while giving us some new, iconic franchise moments. The syringe in the eye was particularly horrible. The tree rape scene is reimagined too, both toned down and more disgusting at the same time. An achievement of film making I’m sure you’ll agree. Mia’s demonic possession being mistaken for cold turkey drug withdrawals is a genius plot device too, keeping her friends in the dark as to what’s really happening.

The score by Roque Baños suits the film perfectly, nicely creepy as the movie progresses and huge and bombastic as we reach the final battle.

The film doesn’t have a new Ash Williams, with (spoilers) Bruce Campbell himself popping up after the end credits as the broomstick slinging asshole we all know and love. Apparently the plan was for Ash to team up with the new surviving cast member (who I don’t want to ruin, in case you’ve not seen it) in the sequel. That didn’t happen but we did get three seasons of an Ash vs Evil Dead TV show which was very cool.

If you’ve avoided Evil Dead 2013, you’ve missed out, it’s a wild, horrible, gory movie that stands tall with the original trilogy. I loved it.

For Fans Of:

The Evil Dead trilogy

Cabin Fever

The Last Excorcism

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