Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London

Saturday, May 27th saw me head down to London Olympia for Heroes Villains Fan Fest, a convention and celebration of superhero TV shows and films. Like a comic con, just with guests that people really want to see. 

Largely covering The CW’s superhero shows, as well as Gotham, HVFF London had guests from Guardians of the Galaxy ( Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn) and Captain America ( Hayley Atwell and Stanley Tucci) 

I know that this is usually a movie or TV review page, but hear me out, HVFF London had enough film and TV stuff to warrant a mention here. I’ve never seen a level of fan interaction, like we saw here, before.  The panels were genuinely hilarious and you could tell the guests as well as the crowd were having a lot of fun.

 Early on in the day, John Barrowman strutted out in drag and then got changed on stage, while doing what can only be described as stand up comedy. Multi tasking at the highest level from Mr Merlyn. Barrowman had the crowd in the palm of his hand, a true showman, it actually left me wanting a John Barrowman stand up tour.
All of the panels were great, Mehcad Brooks’ SuperGirl panel especially getting huge praise from the audience. Having to fly solo onstage after the last minute cancellation of Melissa Benoist, Brooks nailed it. Showing huge charisma and making the audience laugh, a million miles away from Superman’s Pal James Olsen!

I was lucky enough to be granted interview time with Shantel VanSanten ( Patty Spivot from The Flash), Michael Rowe ( Deadshot from Arrow) and Matt Ryan, the erstwhile John Constantine from, well, everywhere Constantine appears these days.  The full length interviews will be on supernerdsuk.com in the coming weeks!  

I’ll also be uploading a full length guest written blog soon in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!

We would highly recommend attending HVFF if you’re a fan of these shows. The level of interaction is second to none, the guests genuinely love what they’re doing and the overall vibe is just fun, like a community. The event management and staff were some of the best I’ve ever encountered, including my years playing music, so extra special thanks to them for running such an amazing event and keeping everyone happy and safe.

Check out their website here and search the HashTag #HVFFLondon on social media and check out some of the amazing fan photos.

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