GET OUT (2017)

Jordan Peele is famous for being one half of the amazing comedy duo Key and Peele, but after seeing GET OUT I’m pretty sure “Jordan Peele, Writer/Director” is his true calling. 

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is heading for a weekend away with his girlfriend Rose’s (Alison Williams) family. Worried that they may not be accepting of him being black, Rose assures Chris everything is going to be fine. Some strange incidents with the family’s (all black) staff and bizarre racial comments from Rose’s family lead Chris to think something not quite right is going on. 

Rose’s hypnotherapist mom ( Catherine Keener) is placed under suspicion as the house workers seem to be acting odd or brainwashed. Anything else is knowing too much. The hypnotism scenes were truly unsettling and I’ll probably never use a china tea set ever again. The whole idea of “The Sunken Place” is phenomenonal and transcends horror, especially in 2017. 

Slowly building tension, no cheap jump scares and a very sharp, clever script makes GET OUT quite possibly the freshest horror/thriller in quite some time. I wouldn’t call it scary, but this film really makes you feel something. Dread or anxiety maybe, something a little deeper than you’re usually feeling during a horror movie. 

Discussing racism in America is probably more socially important than it has been for quite some time, especially in this post Obama, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN landscape. GET OUT addresses this both head on and subversively. Peele pulls no punches and some of the tensest moments are with Chris and how he’s made to feel. The stark black and white colour scheme of the posters and ads reflects this perfectly. 

Daniel Kaluuya’s performance is nothing short of star making, I find it very odd he’s being criticised for being British and not Afrcian-American, but he’s responded marvelously to these comments, ironically proving he understands being marginalised for who he is. Truly an actor to watch. 

The supporting cast is phenomenonal, Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener as Kate’s white liberal parents managing to be lovely yet sinister and Stephen Root popping up with a creepy performance as a blind art dealer. Surely a metaphor in there somewhere.

I avoided all trailers and ads for GET OUT, mainly because Peele being the writer director was enough for me as well as the fact horror trailers ruin everything! Too much! I didn’t quite expect what we got. I think knowing as little as possible is the best way to see this movie,which is why I’m not about to ruin it here. 

9/10, GET OUT is in Cinemas now. 


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